Selena, The Fool

A white-haired youth too naive for her own good


Selena is a 16 year old girl with pink eyes, white hair and skin, and ka brighter than the sun. She is the next incarnation of the Fool Arcanum, nephilim incarnated into a simulacrum prior to its birth and therefore a single entity rather than two. She’s small, standing only at 4’6", and very thin. She tends to favor white and pale blue dresses as clothing, and never strays far from Badru Khu.


Selena is a young nephilim who is very much full of life and full of power. As a Fool, she is possessed of certain magical properties no others are, and in innate tie to the Solar Ka. She is energetic, but at the same time maintains a very calm demeanor, voice never rising above a placid near whisper. When she speaks, she rarely makes eye contact, instead seeming to look through you, as though she sees something far off in the distance that nobody else can.

All in all, she’s infuriating.

Selena, The Fool

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