A Sexy, SEXY Nephilim!


First incarnated in a high priestess in Thebes, Egypt, 1350 B.C.E., Isis took her simulacrum’s name even as she changed to be so different from who she was. A Moon Nephilim, and the wielder of a Daughter of Paline! Later incarnated into Alexandria, Egypt, 350 B.C.E. as a Phalangite male and then again in Montsegur, France, 1243 C.E. as a Perfected Kabbalist, this is your fourth incarnation in this modern era of Seattle, Washington, USA, 2012 C.E. as a cute little bookseller. You’re lucky and confused. Hopefully, you’ll figure it out soon. Your stasis object is a jeweled necklace you wore during your first incarnation.


During your incarnation as the High Priestess Isis, you fell in love with a lesser priestess named Dedyet. She rocked your world and you swear you’ve never loved someone so much in your entire life. Even though she died 20 years before you did, you still hold her close to your heart, and sometimes when you are alone in the moonlight, you like to close your eyes and pretend you’re back in the warm sands of Thebes, sitting on the balcony with Dedyet curled against you, whispering the secrets of Atlantis into her ear as she tells you that you must be a god incarnate – it’s a wonder you haven’t become a pharaoh already! You always would laugh it off and kiss her until she had other things on her mind, or cuddle until she fell asleep in your arms. You always had such a weakness for watching her sleep. And when the wind blows and rouses you from your fantasies, you’re always left with a mingled sadness and warmth. It keeps you up some nights. You’ve made sure not to do it this incarnation, seeing as you don’t have a balcony to wail on. You don’t want to cry in front of Craig, that would just worry him.

Still… Your next incarnation into Alexandria was largely uneventful, at least as far as significant persons went. You never got married and you died alone after moving restlessly from place to place. You… Were still young. And still bleeding over your dearest Dedyet. Whenever someone got too close, you picked up the stakes and left, wandering the wide open earth until you found some place where no one looked friendly or familiar.

The following incarnation into Montsegur was a bit of a change of pace, god things are cold in France and sadly that means people wear a lot more clothes. You don’t get to oogle as many behinds, but you did emerge amidst a war. Sorta. You started a bit later in this one’s life, but you lived to a ripe old age before a crusader gutted you like a fish. During this incarnation, you met Francois, and you at least tried to keep him alive. He wasn’t really all that good at that. You did at least take some time to think about what had happened, and you decided that Dedyet is dead and can’t come back, no matter how many summoning circles you learn, nor how many spells you create. Besides, she fell in love with Isis the Priestess, not Isis the nephilim. You’ve tried to accept that. It’s still hard.

This incarnation in Seattle is weird. There’s a lot of things you don’t understand, but Craig makes things seem easy and nice. He’s cute, he loves you, and most of the time he doesn’t remind you of Dedyet. Sometimes, you want to spill your guts to him like you did to Dedyet. Other times, you want to pound him into the bed and show him what he likely doesn’t know about male anatomy, seeing as he’s only been so pathetically vanilla in bed. And yet still… You yearn for him to share the closeness you and Dedyet had with you now. He just… Seems to pull at your heart like she did. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it makes you smile. You need to figure out how you feel about him. You can’t just do this forever. But… For now… Cuddle him when you feel sad, keep pretending to be Melissa Stanley, and go witness the birth of nephilim Jesus. Craig can wait. He should be safe. You still have that knife behind the counter and he’s got the gun. He knows how to use it. He should be okay.

… why can’t you stop worrying about him?


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