A Ghost from Your Past


A tall, stocky woman with short-cropped hair and a big, cute nose. Her voice is high and sometimes her speech sounds like song. She holds herself with a confidence and defiance that makes you weak at the knees and swoon into her arms.


Alive during your first incarnation in Thebes, Egypt, you loved this woman with all your heart. And she loved you like you were the goddess she always joked you were. She died when you were only 80, a sudden illness taking her, and you don’t think you’ll ever recover. Your love for her still burns in your chest like a searing flame, demanding why you did not save her, why you haven’t brought her back, why did you forsake her so? But still… Sometimes when you drift to sleep, you feel her lips on yours, her hands on your lower back, her warm body curled up against you, but you never open your eyes, because it would ruin the illusion. Other nights you fight with your symbols and charms to try to find a way to summon her back from time, to be Dedyet, and not her corpse.

She smiled at you when she took her last breath, promising she’d be the first to erect a pillar to your honor when she got to the afterlife. That thought never comforts you, usually leaving you a sobbing wreck instead of comforting. Oh, if only you could join her… Maybe one day. When you reach Agartha, you can do anything. When you reach Agartha, maybe you can find her again. Tell her all the things you ever knew, those things you saw far beyond the walls of your temple, those people you met in lands she never knew existed, make Dedyet feel the love that still suffocates you in your sleep and chokes your heart if you dwell too long on how you miss her. You’ll live, you suppose. If Agartha can reach Dedyet, then you’ll reach Agartha damnit.


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