Craig Stanley

Your Husbando


Tall, lanky, and with a shock of fluffy blond hair that doesn’t seem to know where to go in the mornings. He’s Melissa’s loving husband and frankly you are kind of jealous of her. He’s so cute! He cooks, he cleans, and he’s got his own number of phobias and anxieties. But you can deal with that for that cute face he makes in bed. <3


You know that he loves Melissa like no other, and apparently they’d never done anything remotely off the beaten path in bed before. You’re going to change that up fairly quickly, especially when your tail grows in, but that’s beside the point. He has OCD and keeps things in impeccable order, as well as doing calligraphy. He has a day job wherein he does his own hand-drawn calligraphy for books and often gets them for cheap from the store he works for. This comes in handy when you need a shipment of occult books and he happens to have one fresh off the shelf.

He has an unfortunate fear of guns, as his parents are dead, you think his father shot his mother, then himself. Craig of course saw it all, or he wouldnt’ be in this predicament in the first place. You did however take him to a shooting range recently for lessons, and you made sure to praise him with all manner of “treats” for facing his fear. You now own a gun that you know how to use. With a bit of practice at the range, you think you could learn to shoot it well enough to hit a man in the heart. Maybe. At the moment, you’re just happy Craig also knows – you know he’s going to get into danger soon because of you. It makes you kinda sad because he’s just so nice and cute – you don’t want to see him hurt!

Craig Stanley

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