Nephilim: The Winding Road


Isis enters the modern day

Isis’ incarnation was unexpected and abrupt, the long-slumbering Nephilim ripped from its stasis and finding itself in the most peculiar of surroundings, a large building filled with artifacts from around the globe, and,most importantly, simulacra. The spirit wound up selecting a young woman by the name of Melissa Stanley as its host: a quirky bookworm with a petit yet athletic build who ran an occult bookstore with her husband, Craig. The bookstore is a jackpot, containing three occult tomes, and, therefore, spells. Craig is also a good find; he’s eccentric, and has his share of phobias and problems, but is completely devoted to Melissa; it is obvious that if Isis needs it, this human will defend it with his life.


Infertrix Infertrix

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